Specialty Chemicals

In addition to Vanadium Chemicals, Riverside has for many years produced the products shown below as a response to specific, long term needs of various industries which we serve. For these applications, our materials have proven to be highly effective and in some cases unique for the processes in which they are used. We are interested in developing products to help optimize your process or to overcome specific operating problems. To discuss your particular interests with us, please refer to our contact page.

Sulfur Floatation Reagent

Sulfur XA™

Sulfur Floatation Reagent

Sulfur XB™

2.7 ADA Liquid Concentrate

Sulfa-Ban EF™

Formulated Ethylene Glycol heat transfer fluid


Mixed Amine Promoter (Benfield)


Antimony Pentoxide FCC Passivator


2.7 ADA Powder